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You Know No One Can Get Around in Boston?

Photos at the bottom!

Yes, we were told,  “do not think of going to Boston in the car.”  The streets change names every few blocks and it is laid out like a half circle and then there is the “Back Bay” area.  So we were told to use the train in Mansfield and left around 9 AM to catch a train.  Now no one said that this was complicated and our RV place,  Canoe River gave us no helpful paperwork when we arrived as most places do.

We had seen the station-that would be easy, right?  Well the only road into the station was one way out.  No signs anywhere-it took 20 minutes to figure out the strangest roads that would take you into the station. Then there was “stuff the hole with folded dollar bills” in order to park.  Finally we walk the few feet to the station and it is not open nor does it plan to be.  After 3 trips around we see the train schedule and there is only a train at 12:45 on Saturday.  Back to the RV and Shadow. We got one good laugh.  Once we got on, the conductor never noticed us so we did not buy a ticket.

In Boston, without a map, we did not know where to catch the “Old Town Trolley” that I had printed out the tickets for.  So we flagged down a passing one-they of course had regular stops, but I did not know where to walk to pick it up.  I can’t believe the driver-guide picked us up.  Trolleys are set up to stop in 16 places.  The driver talks the whole time telling way too much.  But you are outside and can get an idea of where things are or even what is there such as Cheers Bar.  Also you can get off anywhere and then get back on there or at another stop.

I can really say I wish I had been on a regular bus tour where everything was done for you.  It was overwhelming.  But we got out and walked around for a couple of hours and followed the red line “Freedom Trail” and met great people.  We sat in Boston Common for a break, trying to figure out where to pick up the trolley again and who calls me?  My Aunt Martha.  I heard all about Erika’s wedding and the surprise birthday party for Martha.  It was so cool to be in the heart of American history and talking to her.

Anyway here’s a few pictures.  I start with the Old State House and it goes back to the patriots standing up and secretly planning events that lead to the Rev War.  The window looks out on where the Boston Massacre occurred.  But it also looks down to the River on State Street.  The combination of these old buildings surviving and being protected or rebuilt in the midst of huge new buildings just blows your mind. The Cities government house-white is now being used as a Ruth Criss restaurant but Ben Franklin is still there and so is some donkey.  Next was the first school house and I love the side walk outside.  Remember those Puritans were all for schools.

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