Our lives now include living at one of the nicest senior communities in the USA. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA. We will still travel in the RV but not full time.

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Chattenooga, Tennessee, Ruby Falls and Rock City

Russ and I are falling in love with Tennessee.  So far there isn’t much to not like.  The forests and Low Coastal Mountains are covered with so many spring green shades that we are in awe.  Countryside has falling down barns and old  homes along side incredible dream homes.  Everyone has grass and many many are on huge lots that everyone mows with tractors.  I guess falling down buildings are more beautiful when everything is green and trees bloom in purple and white.

We acted like real tourists in Chattenooga, riding bikes along the river and tackled a bridge that is just for walkers and bicyclers.  We found a wonderful coffee shop and Shadow got her own egg while we ate ours on croissants.  Then we were told that we must go up on the ridge of mountain above town to see Rock Gardens and Ruby Falls (deep in a cave).  So of course we went up on the Rock Garden when is was raining and into the cave when it was sunny outside.

Our camping spot did not line up for satellite TV so we read some good books those evenings, but you will notice maybe that we did not do blogs so I want to catch up.  We Continue to enjoy the beauty of the country and the many packages that good Americans come in.  Not to say we do not meet foreigners, too.  It seems Chattenooga is an incredible place for wifi and big business on spectacular grids.  All kinds of business around this and we met people from silicon valley as well as India-all involved in this industry and the growth of Chattenooga.








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The rock gardens were on private land and developed by he owners-Rhodadendrums everywhere.

The rock gardens were on private land and developed by he owners-Rhodadendrums everywhere.

Favorite spot for eggs and latte

Favorite spot for eggs and latte

Can cruise

Can cruise

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